Seasonal Procedures

Muskoka Cottage Maintenance Experts

Our team of service technicians understands how to properly open and close your seasonal cottage property. Improper opening and closing procedures can lead to dangerous conditions and costly repairs. Take the stress of winterization out of your seasonal cottage, leaving you free to enjoy your property: get seasonal procedures done by Sun of Muskoka!

Cottage Closing Services:

  • Completely drain all water from plumbing system (pumps, lines, wells, traps, etc.)
  • Winterize plumbing system with antifreeze
  • Winterize appliances (fridges/freezers, toilets, dishwashers, etc.)

Cottage Opening Services:

  • Flush plumbing system in spring
  • Inspect and maintain water pumps and valves
  • Prime all water systems
  • Prepare all plumbing, appliances and water purification systems